About LWC

LWC or Lanka Web Consulter is a SEO firm based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Although SEO (or search engine optimization) is our primary service, we also provide pay-per-click management services as named search engine marketing as well as we’ve been designing and developing websites for past several years. Our SEO and web design clients include hospitality, travel, import export, pharmaceuticals, software services and web designing  to location finding services.

Lanka Web Consulter consist with bland marketing and technically brilliant staff  to workout your project to deliver maximum results. Although our headquarters located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we have provided our SEO services and web designing services  to all across the world.  We have worked with small family owned to high capitalized customers all across the world.

Our vision is to simplify your business and increase the presence and ROI( Return of Investment ).

Why We ?

We are large enough to be able to handle any size of SEO campaign, although every client is important to us we are able to provide superior solutions on every client.

We know how much important your business to you. That is why we organized to deliver positive result on you. We know what need to be done and how and when.

We are flexible enough to hear to your needs, Your business might be small scale but we have flexible solutions to increase you ROI.

There is no secret on what we do. We provide monthly SEO reports telling our cutomers/clients what we have done, what the results are, what we’re planning on doing the next month, and what results the client can expect to see.